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Acute Softwares Timer is a simple but highly useful program which records time elapsed in a number of ways on Win95/98/NT/2000/ME. It has three main timing modes: Manual Mode (Acts as a standard stopwatch) Timer Mode (count for a fixed amount of an egg timer) Alarm Clock Mode (timer will count until a preset time of day). You can set alarms in either Timer or Alarm Clock mode, and each running timer can sound an alarm, pop-up a message or launch another program. You can have up to 32 separate timers running at once. In Timer mode you can set it to automatically restart, so that for example you can have a timer to remind you to do something every hour. All timers can be logged to CSV and Acute Softwares Diary, in a number of 'categories' , eg separate timers to record time spend on phone calls, admin tasks, etc. There is a Favorites list and windows management functions for when you use lots of timers at once.

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